Well, We’re All Fucked Now


Western North Carolina, in a very timely manner, is on fire. Literally on fire, in the way that before in my life I had only seen in news from the west coast. It hasn’t rained here in about six weeks, possibly more, I have lost count and I’m not looking it up. The mountains are as a result tinder dry and about two weeks ago, right when the FBI was putting its final nails in the coffin of the United States of America as we once knew it, the mountains caught fire. They are still burning. Last I looked there were 22 separate wildfires burning all around Asheville. They are mostly contained and so far as I know nobody has been killed and no houses have burned – if you think that the entire east coast is one giant city as I admit I am occasionally prone to do, keep in mind that 22,000 acres of it can burn here in these hills without catching a single man made structure – but there have been widespread evacuations. And of course, loss: habitat and all the small animals and trees and years and years of patient slow growth. This ecosystem is not designed to burn every so often. This is a rain forest. Was. Was a rain forest. Like what was once the USA, it’s different now. A whole new dark beast.

And the air is full of smoke. The sky is smoky and thick; the smell of burning permeates everything and you cannot see the ridge tops. It suits my mood. The world is ending and here at least, you can tell. Apocalypses (apocalypi?) are supposed to come in with smoke and burning and yes, a whimper rather than a bang. Turns out it’s a choked and coughing whimper, here at least, emphysemic, hacking, tortured.

If you think I’m overreacting and this is just another election, fuck you. No, seriously, fuck you. You honestly think that an “administration” that doesn’t believe in climate change is survivable? You honestly think that an openly racist, fascist demagogue is going to abide by the rule of law? You think that handing a blank check to a chronic bankrupt with delusions of grandeur is going to change this country for the better? You think he’s going to step aside in 4 or 8 years? You really think that? You think he is just another president and the unprecedented control of all branches of government held right now by the shattered and extremist Republicans is just another ho hum chapter in the American body politic? I have a bridge I’d like to sell you, for gold please, because I have a sneaking suspicion that US dollars aren’t going to be worth much soon.

I’m so depressed I can barely function. I survived Reagan and Thatcher and Bushes senior and junior and that was different. They were loathsome, all of them, but they had agreed to live at least nominally in what we used to call consensus reality. They governed the country; they more or less followed the rules; they at least paid lip service to respecting the constitution. Say goodbye to all that along with your healthcare and your parents healthcare and any kind of equal opportunity and any and all social programs and, oh right, clean water and edible food. Unless you are very, very rich indeed.

Well. I have nothing much more to say. I suppose I will stay alive and while I want desperately to leave, I don’t think that’s likely. Here, have a few links to keep the despair thriving.

Charlie Stross, one of the smartest people around

Autocracy: rules for survival

Fight Not Flight

What Donald Trump Can Do to Screw Up the Environment

The Smell of Fascism in America


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