2021 Photo A Day Project January – June

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That was February. Every picture on here except the last one was taken with the loaner phone, an HTC Bolt. It sucked as a phone, I had to tweak the hell out of the photos but actually, let’s face it: even the shittiest contemporary phone camera is so much better than the early digital cameras that there’s no real comparison. Anyway I kind of like some of these. February! It rained a lot. My son went back to NC. The pandemic continues. Work and dogs and dogs and work, an unpleasant rat interlude (I pissed off the vermin goddess a long long time ago and she will just never relent) and that’s about it for February 2021.


And that was March. I finally got a phone so almost all if not all of these are phone pictures. It looks like I get out more than I do from these – I work all day! I never really go anywhere! – but I do walk the dogs at least twice a day and that’s prime photo time. In March I had a colonoscopy, worked, walked the dogs and one day I went over the river to Cape Disappointment and on the way home I bought a crab in Ilwaco and had it for dinner. Thrill a minute around here, let me tell you.


April: the month of vaccination! It started and ended with a shot and in two weeks I will be immune to Covid, which is wonderful and amazing. In other April news we had clouds and deer, eagles and dogs, trees and beaches. It is not really possible to have a boring life in a place as beautiful as this one.