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Less Serious Shit

I have a UTI, which is to say, a urinary tract infection. I am prone to them, as are many women, although in the States nobody ever talks about it and in fact everybody kind of acts like it’s some … Continue reading

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Serious Shit

Somebody tweeted “This is the Summer of Watching Helplessly” and I, along with many others, retweeted it because it felt so damn true and then a few people picked it up from me and tweeted it on and, yeah, here … Continue reading

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Things I DId in Middle School

Tonight at the bar the subject somehow came up – I think it was somewhere in between the possibility of quantum universes and who should keep the dog in any given breakup – of how, when I was 12 or … Continue reading

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Videos and Grace

I have been on a mad gracefulness roll lately let me tell you. If there was a falling over things, dropping things and just generally whomping about like the 3 Stooges less physically adroit sister Olympics (which, now that I … Continue reading

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Slacker News Update

Whoops, well, yeah, here we are, a month or so later and I still don’t have much to say. July is our busiest month at the bookstore – yes, I know, it’s counterintuitive, but there you have it – and … Continue reading

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