Digital Photography

I am primarily a landscape photographer. Sometimes I’m a wildlife photographer too – but I’m more interested in how they interact with and exist within the landscape than I am in them as individual subjects. Most of the time, anyway. These photos are not exactly random in order, but they’re close to it. I didn’t want to make anyone click through interminable galleries of 5 photos each. But yes I do have a couple of series, representatives of each are in here. There’s one called Tiny People and one called Wave and Bird and then there are the Tidepools and the Portholes, which I haven’t gotten uploaded yet. Anyway, enjoy! Just about all of these were shot in the last four years but I have been a practicing photographer for over 20. I will sell you these most happily in whatever format you desire but you CANNOT just use them for free. Sorry about the uneven watermarking.

Film and Alt Process

These images are in completely random order and I do apologize for that, but not very hard. They are also all, or mostly, I no longer have a couple, for sale. These are all from the last five or six years. I am not currently shooting film due to a lack of options for printing but I hope to get back to it soon. I am, however, always making cyanotypes. I hope you enjoy them!