What Is This?

This is my blog, which starts up a few years after my old blog left off. It is a little quixotic, starting a new blog now, when the world seems to have moved beyond blogs, but what the hell. This blog was intended to be less a personal journal and more a sort of collection of essays but so far we’re not batting 1000 on that. So maybe it is just a personal journal with notes; these things happen. It is also where my 2014 Photo A Day project resides.

NEW! This blog lapsed while I got a tiny camper and traveled around the US and all of that was recorded in a totally different blog which no longer exists because money. Now, in the cursed spring of 2020 as the world collapses around us, I have started blogging again. I live in Astoria, Oregon now. I just got laid off. I still take photographs and I will start adding some newer work to the Photography page soon. Soon. No, really. Anyway so the rest of this probably doesn’t apply anymore but I’m leaving it here for posterity and myself. My daughter still lives in Asheville, NC. My son lives with me in Oregon unless he’s working at some exotic resort, which is his career. And I’m still chopping up onions.

I am also still poor, so if you feel so moved, please, buy me a Ko-Fi! 

Who Are You and Why Should I Care?

I’m a single female middle aged used bookstore clerk.  I take a lot of photographs, which can be found here and here and here and I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I read a lot, cook frequently, play computer games and occasionally make some kind of strange art. I have three dogs, one cat and two grown children who both live with me. I am overeducated, underemployed, extremely left wing and mired in poverty. I blame some of this on the new, improved, job free economy we seem to have created after the Great Recession (in which I got laid off from my “career” job in museum management) and some of it on the fashionably hip tourist mecca in which I reside and quite a lot of it on myself, since I am a chronic underachiever, often depressed and always absolute shit at self promotion. But I try to maintain a sense of humor. Dark, uncomfortable, humor. And as for caring, I don’t have any idea why you should. Probably you should not. But perhaps you may find some of these meanderings briefly entertaining and you, like me, may be inclined to believe more and more that that’s pretty much all there is to life on this planet.

Yeah But Where On the Real Internet Are You?

You can follow me on Twitter here and I am also more or less constantly reading, if not commenting, on Metafilter. And I’m on Facebook for my sins, gods help us all. That one you will have to find for yourself but I will probably friend you if you ask. I was on OK Cupid for a while but it got too fucking depressing even for me so I bailed without finding love. And I think I have a Ravelry account somewhere but since I make up my knitting as I go along, it is really to laugh. Oh and this is my Goodreads, currently inactive but I might yet get a wild hair and start reviewing books again.

What The Hell Do 6000 Onions Have To Do With Anything?

If you cook a lot, as I used to and still on occasion do, you will chop up a lot of onions. If you live into late middle age, as I am doing right now, you will have chopped up a shit ton of onions by the time you get to one of those milestone birthdays. Maybe even roughly 6000, although then one – the omniscient condescending narrator, I guess – must pause and say, “Felicity, what did you major in in college?” And you will say, “Uh, studio art and art history, with a second almost finished BA some years later in art education?” And then you could say, “And was there a math class in there?” And you will answer, “Yes! I took algebra and passed it, not to mention calculus for business and social science majors, which I still have nightmares about but which I also inexplicably passed, so there, but yes, it is entirely possible that the number of onions is fallible. However, 6000 sounds good and that’s what we got, so shut up, asshole omniscient narrator.”


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