Leaving in the Complete Absence of a Jet Plane

Whooo hoo! Momentarily I will be boarding my trusty 16 year old green Saturn, Batly, and heading out to parts unknown, or, well, unknown to me, anyway: Ellijay, Georgia. I am going to meet my dear friend Elizabeth in a cabin – ok, apartment – in the woods and for the next three days we intend to drink too much, eat too much and lie around doing pretty much blissfully nothing except possibly we might go tubing or, equally exciting, window shopping in swingin’ downtown Ellijay. Why Ellijay? Because she lives in Birmingham, AL and I live in Asheville, NC and my limited Google map skillz indicated this place as roughly halfway and AirBNB indicated that there was a place to stay that we could afford. So, hurrah! I have packed the cooler with wine and cheese and cucumber infused vodka! I have made bruschetta topping with the last tomatoes and basil from the garden! I have dithered ridiculously over what to wear, particularly when you consider that I am going to rural Georgia, not Paris, France. But I have everything, I think, or hope, and it’s all packed into the quilted patchwork duffel bag the Queen of Bohemia bought at the Portobello Road market in the 60s and I am OFF. Only about an hour or two later than I planned to leave, too! Small miracles! I will be back on Wednesday with way too many pictures.

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