I’m Still More or Less Alive

Hi. Remember me? I used to have a blog. Well. I wish I could say that a whole lot has happened since my all too brief fall vacation – hell, I wish I could say that I was sold into white slavery, thrown into an opium den, nearly sacrificed to the Great Ancient Ones, escaped by the skin of my teeth through antediluvian tunnels under the Appalachians, joined a secret society of sorcerers dedicated to stamping out evil and eventually made my way back to the bookstore, all without wifi, which is why I haven’t updated – but it would not be true. Entirely true, that is.

I did start writing a novel for Nanowrimo: a horror novel based on that vacation – not the vacation itself, it was awesome – but the town, which has taken scarecrow fetishization to a high and unholy art. I had great hopes but as usual it only got to be a few pages long and then I stalled out altogether again. Ah well!

Mostly I have just been going to work and coming home, stopping quite occasionally at the Desoto Lounge, seeing my friends and relatives here and there, making food and eating food and resultantly attempting lackadaisically to diet, keeping up miraculously with the picture of the day and, um, I think that might be it. Making some art, here and there, which has been nice. I am quite happy with some of it and thinking there may be more. Whoo! Let’s see, what else? I took photos of small children and their grandparents at the preschool where Audrey works, for which I will be rewarded with a pool pass next summer. I went to my friend Charles’ semi annual fry party. I didn’t do anything much for Halloween. Thanksgiving was very nice; Audrey and Miles and Miles’ girlfriend Jordan were here along with my friends Kyle and Jay and Bill who came over for dinner and Helen and Zen who came for dessert. There was enough food that we ate Thanksgiving steadily for a bit more than a week. See above re, diet. My brother gave me his old iMac and I have been trying with limited success to transfer my computer life to it. Which I have sort of given up because the learning curve, it is steep. Macs don’t make sense. I took a couple of days staycation and I went and looked at a few nursing homes, which is a whole other topic in itself. I took Theo to the vet and paid $135 to find out that he is healthy, which is still annoying me. And right now I seem to have a cold.

Time has sped up lately, which might be a function of age or might be a function of this wildly technological era in which we find ourselves flailing or might be the zeitgeist or might be a sign of the coming apocalypse or maybe it’s climate change: I don’t know. I just know that one minute it is August and the next time I look around there are Christmas lights everywhere. I am a bit disheartened and down these days but I think, as my mother used to say (I paraphrase, here) that if you can look around you at this world and not be depressed you must not be very bright and so the hell with you. Also it’s probably the cold, because things are more or less okay, really. I mean, we are still very very poor and that takes a surprising amount of time and energy. But the bills are almost paid and we pretty much have a roof over our heads (don’t stand in that one spot in the living room and you’ll be fine) so, all good! Anyway, I have just added August to the July – December gallery page, and there was much rejoicing. I will get to work soon on September. And October. And November and then, oh lord, December. It takes about three hours a month, phew, but hey, I think it is worth it. See what you think!

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