So somehow, either in the course of my usual workdays – I heft books around for a living and it’s surprisingly physical – or, more embarrassingly, at home on one of those days off that I spend hunched in front of my ancient desktop in, like, the worlds most unergonomic chair and table, I fucked my left shoulder up but good. This started last week and after I had toughed my way through Friday, I realized that any doctor would tell me to take ibuprofen and rest it so I called in sick on Saturday and did just that.

Well. It turns out that having only one working arm SUCKS. On top of the arm, my stomach has either still not recovered from last Sunday’s epic hangover or I actially have something wrong with me or, possibly, my stomach and my shoulder are way more connected than I ever dreamed, but anyhow I feel ill and have felt ill for days. Which sucks because among other things a weeklong hangover is a bit goddamn much for four or five PBRs last Saturday night. So I am wallowing deep, deep in the mires of Self Pity and I’m taking you with me.

I did, however, take my shoulder and my rebellious, uncertain digestive system out to the WNC nature center yesterday with my friend Jay and that was awesome. I hadnt been there in years – since, I think, my son was little – and it was great. A siren went by and all the wolves and coyotes howled! We saw them feed the birds of prey and I took a picture of the very nice keeper’s bucket of dead rodents! Some total idiot and/or small child threw a sock at the bear and he ate half of it! And I am now worried about the bear; not everyone has the cast iron digestion of a springer spaniel. And I feel for the keepers because I think the bear habitat was constructed long ago in a more sane and trusting age before
everyone went crazy. I took tons of pictures which I cannot look at because the computer exacerbates the shoulder something fierce.

Well. I am writing this on my phone while flat on my back in bed. My shoulder is complaining again or still and my cat did not come home last night and I am not happy. Also, I don’t know how to post this.

p.s. She came back. Phew.

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