Photo of the Day Roundup April 3 – 9

Continuing on with the roundup, let’s have another six photos and catch up with the present moment in time, thereby saving us all a lot of verb tense grief. This one is slightly less instagram heavy, which means I have to upload things, which can sometimes make wordpress unhappy, so let us see how it goes.

OK! On Thursday, April 3, I took this picture of some of my coworkers in order to have a photo for our Facebook profile. I used a different one from the same batch for that but I kind of like this one better, or at least I like it better since I cropped my finger out of the bottom of the frame. So here it is, the book mines in which we toil all day.


Friday, April 4, is a fabulous instagram shot of my bee yoo tee full living room complete with highly elegant flower arrangement.¬† Actually sarcasm aside I do like the way my living room LOOKS, it’s just, just – that no matter what I do with that room, nobody actually uses it most days except the dogs. This is kind of infuriating. Oh well! It looks pretty and the dogs like it.

Saturday, April 5 and pretty much the entire damn bookstore crew went out drinking to celebrate our friend Zach’s graduation to a “real” job. It was extremely fun and a great time was had by all and . . and. . I can’t keep up anymore. I didn’t think I drank THAT much: I remember everything, I was careful, I ate a big dinner before I went out, I drank nothing but PBR, I went home around 1 & drank water and alkaseltzer and took vitamin B and, you know, I am not exactly an amateur. But I started throwing up at 7 the next morning and continued for the next twelve hours. Honestly I was still feeling kind of sick last night. So I don’t think I can drink at all anymore and this is a bummer. Clearly, I cannot drink with my coworkers, who are pretty much all rather a lot younger than me. Fuck aging. Fuck PBR. And fuck my stupid digestive system which never does seem to work properly. But here is a picture from the evening – the pictures en masse can be seen here if you are a facebook friend of mine, but most of them, I must say, are pretty terrible; the DeSoto is way too dark for decent photography.

ImageHowever, I am dedicated to the Photo A Day 2014 Project. DEDICATED, I tell you! On Sunday, April 6 I threw up all day and wished I was dead during the all too brief intervals between vomiting sessions but at the end of the day when I finally managed to hold down a little Mexican coke (not the powdery kind, the high fructose corn syrup free kind) I took a picture with paper camera.


On Monday, April 7, I went to work even though I really still did not feel so great. And I made it through the day and came home and went to bed and got up again and did it all again the next day and therefore here is a picture from a rainy Monday morning in West Asheville.

ImageYesterday, Tuesday, April 8, I still felt a bit shaky but the clouds were spectacular. I took this on the way home, my favorite hill behind Wal Mart in East Asheville.

And right now, which is Wednesday April 9, soon to be afternoon, I am saving this as a draft and by the evening, hopefully we will see what picture I end up with on this cold, gray, spring day.

Well! It warmed up and I mowed the front yard, which always makes me feel like a Good Citizen, washed some dishes, went to the Grocery Outlet and did some birdwatching through the kitchen window, using the real camera for once. Dude. I had forgotten just how great the real camera is. I mean, the phone has more megapixels and bells and whistles and goofy shit but the real camera is, well, real. And here is a picture of the cardinal who lives in the butterfly bush to prove it.

cardinal in the butterfly bush

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