Today’s photo of the day is another one taken on my way to work – it does help when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you can actually sort of focus. Heh.

So that was today. I actually wrote the post below this morning and thought I posted it only to come home and find out that no, of course not, and none of my changes had been saved either. WordPress, I am having trouble understanding why everybody loves you so. In other today news, here is a picture of all three of my dogs – you have to look hard to spot Theo – conked out in the living room this morning. It was a gray and rainy morning, just the kind I like. Then I went to work and that was, well, work and I got a book – several books, oh god – but unlike most of my books, it’s a nonfiction dog story, The Dogs Who Came To Stay. I can already tell that It is going to make me cry but I can’t help it,  I like dog stories. Mostly. Well – obviously, I do.

I was once going to write a heartwarming, best selling, tale about my crazy blind dog Jackson but that story, alas, did not end well. Most of it’s on the Hangover Journals, I think, but I’m not going back to check. Right at this very minute I tell you fucking Theo’s story is not going to end well either unless he gets in here and stops barking. Goddamn real dogs; they’re just way more trouble than the literary kind.

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