Lunch at J & S

Lunch at J & S

Yes, that was my lunch yesterday at J&S Cafeteria. They do not go in for fancy food stylin’, there at J&S, nope, none of that possibly vaguely Communist stuff.

Actually it was way better than it looks – and believe me, it looked vastly worse before I spent a few minutes artifying it. I like J&S – when you need the comfort of extremely old fashioned Southern food, the company of extremely elderly patrons and the soft buzz and hum of fluorescent lights and thick industrial carpeting, there is nothing like it. It isn’t cheap, though, which sucks: that tray you see right there, “Greek salad” – translation: iceberg lettuce, lots and lots of canned olives and feta cheese, all saturated with vinaigrette, plus some hard boiled egg that escaped from the salad next door – jalapeno cornbread, greens and mac & cheese, plus a glass of half & half tea, was $7. SEVEN DOLLARS. That’s like an hour’s wages after taxes. But it is damn good for what it is though – I want their recipe for jalapeno cornbread.

And here’s another pictures, taken at work from an amazing trade of golden age SF paperbacks that came in yesterday. I already made a stack of them that I want to take home and today when I go in I will have to restrain myself. Although I think if I could find just the right tall skinny bookcase, I could probably fit one more into the living room. Hee.golden age of book cover design

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