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Intrepid canoers on the #frenchbroad #avl

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And the photo of the day is a kinda blurry but also sorta nice Instagram picture I took under the Patton Avenue bridge this afternoon of 2 canoes going by. I was impressed by their fortitude because I was out there in just a hoodie doing that winter thing where I’m all, it’s not under 30! Therefore it is toasty warm! I’ll leave my coat at home! only to discover that 45 or so degrees is not, actually, all that balmy. I would not really have wanted to be in a canoe this afternoon, sunshine or no sunshine. Perhaps they were Canadian tourists, who I have seen at the South Carolina beaches in swimsuits in February, legs blue with cold, determined to get their money’s worth out of the sunny South. You often see tourists in downtown Asheville in shorts in the freezing cold – they think that because it’s the South it’s always warm. Ha ha! Ah schadenfreude.

So I was under the Patton Avenue bridge taking pictures because Earthfare was the third and final stop in my afternoon’s fruitless quest for eggplant. There is no eggplant to be had, y’all, and I am bereft. I went to Aldi, SavMor and Earthfare and nothing purple and shiny met my searching gaze. For which, actually, one can be sort of grateful, I mean I love eggplant, but there is stuff that meets that description that you don’t really want to encounter at the SavMor, or Earthfare for that matter. I guess eggplant must have joined the list of pre snowstorm supplies: toilet paper, milk, bread and – eggplant? Huh. Go figure, but there is nary an aubergine in Asheville today.

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