Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday

Tuesday morning woodsThe theme of the week is SNOW, so here is a picture of what it looked like behind my house on Tuesday morning. That was the result of the “appetizer snow” – yes, Ray’s Weather actually called it that, which I think is so cute it’s almost tragicomic – that hit us without much warning on Monday. We got several inches that day but I didn’t really measure them because for some reason I have stopped measuring snowfalls and keeping the totals posted on the front door like a complete and utter hellnerd. We did that back in the very snowy winters of 2009, 2010 and spring 2011, all of which have been completely erased from Asheville’s collective memory but which I assure you did exist and made this week look like small potatoes indeed. Anyway, today and tonight we are supposed to get inches and inches more of snow (I have a terrible dirty mind, but I have to say that the fact that the amount of snow they’re predicting is along the same lines of what you might see in, say, Penthouse forum: “They’re gonna get a good 8 inches! It’s going to give them 10 inches!” keeps making me giggle.) so as it is my day off anyway, I am sitting around in my bathrobe, mildly hungover and eating nothing but home made french fries. What could possibly go wrong?

As far as photos of the day go, well, I just spent a singularly unproductive two hours trying to figure out a way to embed an Instagram image in a blog post. I have gotten precisely nowhere and I am frustrated. Help?

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