Suzanne Heintz LIttle Faux Family

I posted this to metafilter yesterday – just a totally cool art project. Then just now I posted this comment, which I’m cross posting here because it’s an idea I want to examine further sometime.

The more I’ve looked at this, the more I keep thinking about what we define as normal. Like, we seem to have set a certain semi mythical mid 20th century ideal as, well, ideal. And what’s interesting about that to me is that I’m fifty now and I only have very dim, fragmentary memories of that world – it was really gone before I was even in preK. Suzanne Heintz looks to be about, oh, ten or so years younger than me, so she definitely never lived in that world but here she is, using it as vernacular we all understand for the perfect life, the platonic ideal family. I think that’s kind of interesting and says a lot about our relationship with time. I don’t think that you found people in, say, 1964, using the world of 1905 as an ideal – it’s possible for us first because of mass media, but the fact that the images we’re pulling to illustrate this are from advertising is an interesting note on our relationship with that mass media. Anyway. I haven’t fully fleshed this idea out yet but I thought it was interesting and also I just liked the sheer absurdity of the whole project.

IN OTHER NEWS I have had a fucking miserable splitting headache since about 10:30 Saturday morning and while it temporarily more or less recedes here and there, it isn’t going all the way away. Despite this I did make it to the Mardi Gras parade yesterday, which was awesome, and took way too many pictures which I’m slowly going through.Including one of what is either an old friend of mine from Baltimore lo these 17 years ago or his exact, and I do mean exact, doppelganger. Woody, is that you?

In yet other, rather disheartening, news, a few of my closest friends are going through some very hard times at the moment (yikes! Rejoice, my enemies! And perhaps if you are my friend you might want to run like the wind around now; there seems to be bad juju afoot) so spare a moment to send good thoughts to Jodi’s back, Jay’s broken into house and Elizabeth & Jon’s smashed up car and arm. It is not a good time to be my friend! Yikes! Much love to all of you, sending all the healing light I can muster as well as more concrete promises of future drinkies and hugs.

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