Today’s Photo

is another Instagram shot taken during our brief but beautiful blizzard this morning. It was my day off today and the theme seems to have been Things That Didn’t Turn Out as Intended But Were OK Anyway. I – finally! – finished a calendar and ordered it from Adorama, who, by the way, are the best photo and camera people ever in the world. And huge thanks to my friend Jay who gave me a gift certificate there for my birthday which I had been hoarding towards this moment. The calendar had way more starts and stops this year than ever before and a lot of stuff that I was planning didn’t happen, due to the fragmented nature of the internet. It was all a lot simpler before I divorced Flickr, I must say. However! It is done!

I was going to make photobooks too, but I can’t possibly afford them. So I ordered prints instead, 265 photos encapsulating 2012 and 2013 that will come in the mail and have to be put into two old school photo albums in chronological order. That’s going to be fun. Not. So it isn’t what I planned on doing, however, it is done!

I made minestrone, which turned into, um. I don’t know exactly what you’d call it, either the thickest soup ever made or the thinnest pasta, but either way, while it isn’t minestrone, it’s delicious. And I am working on my giant knitting project, which I suspect is turning into one giant knot and not an infinity scarf at all. It is possible I’m not good enough at this knitting stuff to tackle anything more difficult than a straightforward scarf or a hat. I mean, they seem to expect you to remember whether you knit or purled last. Ha ha! They must be joking! I can’t possibly remember that. So as is my usual approach, I just keep on going. Sometimes I knit, sometimes I purl, sometimes I drop a couple of stitches. Never unravel, is my knitting mantra. Holes make it art. It doesn’t look too promising but maybe a knot is what I really want! Who knows?

It occurred to me as I was puttering around too that while my house is a horrific and disgusting mess – I didn’t call the stove repairman because I was too ashamed of the dirty oven, not to mention the giant piles of archaic defunct stereo equipment that are all over the living room (don’t ask; it’s apparently some plot of my brother and son to drive me finally insane) to ask anyone into the house. Then I spent the oven repair money on photo prints and thought, well, ok, things are not what I hoped they would be but at least the food is good and the animals? The animals are happy. Even in the snow.

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