Photography Live

Updates: the photography page is live! There is a lot of stuff on there and there will soon be even more – gods know I make enough of it – so just click on it up there at the top and be amazed. Amazed, I say.

And the only other update is I gave up the silly Instagram breakfast thing after three days – well, four, if you count the film one I took with the Lomo which will eventually get printed and scanned and stuff but, uh, not really any time soon. I feel somewhat like a quitter but not really because, well, breakfast is boring. And I don’t particularly want to think about composition and light during it. No, I want to read the Guardian and drink my Emergen-C in peace. The Guardian app, by the way, is excellent and free and I recommend it.

I also have a variety of long tales of, not woe really but mild irritation, about my iPod and how it won’t fucking sync, and my vision insurance and how it totally sucks, but I will spare us all the gory details. For now. You never know, I might get motivated later.


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