The Iron Throne

city framedThat last post was somewhat incoherent. Stress, the wonderdrug, strikes again! My apologies. I am trying to calm down and might even, given world enough and time, achieve that lofty goal. I can see where maybe it might be possible. That is thanks in large part to my very awesome friends who have been super supportive, even unto the point of making sure I got a ticket to the raffle for a night at the Grove Park Inn WHICH I WON and heading off on impromptu photo safaris. Yes! Thanks to Jodi, I won a free night’s stay at  the Grove Park! And thanks to Jay, I took this awesome picture of downtown from somebody’s driveway on Town Mountain Road, saw 2 wild turkeys, a graveyard and Redneck Igor, the Hellhound and the Batmobile. And all that was action packed into yesterday!

In other news, though, I have assumed the Iron Throne, which is to say that I guess I’m in charge of the family now, inasmuch as anyone can be in charge and the family such as it is, which is to say diminished. My older brother has been very ill and is still in the hospital and the Queen of Bohemia now lives at Arbor Terrace, which is a really wonderful assisted living for seniors place in South Asheville. This has been a pretty rapid transition – two weeks, to be specific, and they have been rough ones. Today when I went to see the QOB she was pleased that I wasn’t my evil twin. She said “Oh, but I like you. I don’t like her. I’m glad that wasn’t you! I was confused about who was the head of the family now but it’s you, that’s okay!” My evil twin – Efficiency Felicity; she gets things done but she can be a little scary – has been out in full force lately when not being supplanted by Anxiety Felicity who mostly weeps a bit and shivers. It’s confusing, yes, even for those of us who supposedly spend the majority of our time in consensus reality. And so are we all confused, but it’s being sorted. I hope.

Because somehow in the next couple months I have to get the QOBs house sorted and tidied and some stuff fixed and emptied and then, I guess, put up for sale. I might have to do the same for my brother’s house; we don’t know yet. I have to clean up my own damn house, which is in a ridiculous state of disarray as usual and worse than usual because of my fleeting notion back there in January that I could somehow sell this place and escape the Iron Throne. Ha ha! Such a crazy notion! There will be no escape! Bah. And while I sulk about that, I still have to get the garden weeded and the dogs their yearly shots and so on and so forth and continue to hold down a full time job at our busiest time of year. The lists just keep getting longer – tires! Transfer the paper! Get a phone in the QOB’s room! Find those round wire things for Perdita’s collar! I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to accomplish all this and I suspect it’s a good thing that I don’t own a computer capable of playing Minecraft anymore. turkey on the loose

I would, however, like to go on record as stating that I never wanted the Iron Throne, I don’t like being in charge of anything or anyone, and all I have ever wanted was a small ivy covered cottage, or, preferably and lately, a mobile version, wherein I could mutter around and fiddle with stuff like the creepy old crone I am fast becoming. But you just don’t often get what you want in this world. Unless you are a dinosaur.

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2 Responses to The Iron Throne

  1. jessicawnc says:

    I’m so sorry – I could tell through your voice in your writing you were excited about your “Traveling Felicity”

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