pinhole street pinhole bridge

On Sunday Jodi and I went over to the Asheville Darkroom, which is a very cool place that I had been wanting to visit, for their celebratory event for World Pinhole Photography Day.

I had always wanted to experiment with pinhole photography and never done it so I was all excited and it was really fun! They gave us each a “camera” to use and sent us out on our own. I got there a little earlier and so took three images – the first one was a wash, totally overexposed, but I am quite happy with the second and third, above. And now I want to make my own pinhole camera – which is to say, a box with a hole in it, a project well within my mad technical skillz set – and make more.

In other news my friend Adam showed up from Baltimore and proceeded to fix all my gutters, hurrah. He may also have fixed the living room roof leak, let us keep our fingers crossed. And I have not one but two Schrodinger’s Lottery Tickets in my wallet because I have, over the last couple days, found fully $17 in the pockets of various pairs of pants, so I took it as a Sign that I was rocking in the arms of Great Luck and went and got a lottery ticket from the Gas Up. The Gas Up, by the way, apparently no longer sells gas and perhaps should consider changing their name to the Wine Up or Beer Up or possibly Snack Up. Anyway whenever I check the numbers – a fraught experience because of course that transforms a Schrodinger’s Lottery Ticket to just an ordinary lottery ticket – I should find that I am a millionaire and I am quite looking forward to it. But I think I will keep the anticipation going for a while first.

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