Generations Pass

Well I just made a comment on Metafilter about this but I will go ahead and leave this movie here in case I have never linked it on the blog – look for a much much younger me around the 19 minute mark, goofily hippie dressed with a gold dot on my forehead –  and thus say goodbye to the Queen of Bohemia’s good friend and Deia stalwart Daevid Allen, who died today. I will also by doing this say goodbye to another good friend, Del Negro, who died a few months back and whose son Aureliano I used to babysit for back in those dim and distant days. Watching a generation pass is a sad yet inevitable thing if you live long enough but it’s also the kind of thing you don’t ever think about until it happens. And then you don’t really notice until you’re in the middle of it and then it’s like, blam, one after another, all the people who were the grownups, the adults of your childhood, the ones who ran everything – are gone. Which means, I guess, that you are the grownup now. And that’s really scary. And it is also sad, because damn those were some amazing people and the world is less for their loss. And while I’m at it, add Terry Pratchett to that list. I am sorry to see him go as well. Turtles, I suppose, all the way down.

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