Whooo! Let us all pretend it is still Tuesday and be amazed by the fact that WE WON TRIVIA again tonight! Yes! And, what’s more, with two of our strongest team members missing, so it was a total and complete fluke. And also I won the sudden death tiebreaker question, as my friends pushed me up to the front when they called for the smartest team member – which right there is killingly embarrassing – and  I actually knew the answer, which was bursar AND wrote it down quick enough! I was on some kind of freaky roll all night tonight anyway and won an entire round by knowing every. single. answer. about Marvel comics. About which I know NOTHING except stuff I have weirdly osmosed from having friends who read them. Vastly more than I realized I had osmosed, actually, and that is kind of interesting right there.

And Audrey being back knowing all songs and musicians ever and Kyle knowing all space and movies stills and chemistry and computers ever and Jodi knowing all movie quotes and movie stars ever, well, we rocked and won not just a gift certificate but T-shirts! And pint glasses! And mysterious bicycle drinking accessories (it was sponsored by New Belgium) which is nice and all but I want Craven Street back, you need to give me more T-shirts, New Belgium, before I forgive you for the loss of what is / was an every single day street for me. However! Look upon our works of trivia you mighty and despair. We rule the universe of knowing strange and pointless facts. Hurrah!

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