Working in Bookstores

Every so often you’ll see those cute blog posts or articles: 17 Things I Learned From Working In Bookstores and they’re always life affirming and heartwarming and shit, like
#12 Nicholas Sparks really understands people! And they love him too!
#7 Finding a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar made that baby so happy, I cried!
They are never things like,
#5 Some people take such enormous shits, you can’t get them to go down the toilet and you know, being in there with a plunger, thinking about your college degree and extensive resume can really start you assessing¬†the hanging yourself possibilities of the break room ceiling.
#15 You know what goes great with ramen? Fortified wine from the dollar store, that’s what.
#3 This person needs a social worker and a hefty prescription, not a bookstore clerk. Dear god I don’t believe in, please transport me to another planet, preferably one where there is help for mentally ill people, immediately.
#9 That dude with the fingernails is back with the used erotica and creepy horror novels again.

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4 Responses to Working in Bookstores

  1. myrgie says:

    With a bit of initiative and imagination, you could be syndicated. Maybe not in the New York Times, but Asheville’s not New wYork. You’re funnier than most of the low-grade columnists in local papers. You would still be poor, but famous.

  2. jessicawnc says:

    This post is everything. #5 – I just can’t. Brilliant.

  3. And true! So very, very, sadly true.

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