Beginning to Feel a Lot Like – ah hell you know

OCTOBER is now up on the July – December gallery page. I am breaking some land speed snail records here as well as noticing that in October I got real funky with the pictures and there’s more and more art seeping in among the straight photography. Which is kind of nice. Part of that is the partial acquisition of an old iPad – I say partial  because I am sharing it with son Miles and his girlfriend Jordan which means I get to use it for like 3 hours every other night. Enough to play bubble witch and occasionally use Art Rage. I adore Art Rage on the tablet and I both love and hate the iPad camera. It’s a terrible camera- it’s a first gen iPad – but it takes amazing photos, like a Holga or something, all dreamy and painterly, lovely blurry watercolory things. Unfortunately they’re also tiny tiny and I don’t think – I could be wrong – that there’s any upping the resolution so I can actually use them anywhere except online.

In other news it looks like I will survive my FOURTH CHRISTMAS IN RETAIL without drinking myself to death, shooting anyone or dying from a tragic Christmas music overdose. I mean there are still a few days to go and I really hate all holiday music now with a white hot passion but I think I might make it through. If all goes according to plan and the fates are kind, anyway, I will not have a fifth Christmas in retail.

Note: You said that last year about a fourth one.

Note: Shut up, omniscient narrator. You’re not so damn omniscient.

We have not done much about the holidays this year. I didn’t even get a tree, which kind of makes me sad, but oh well. There are a few decorations up outside and thanks to my friend Bryan the yard is finally clear of leaves – what? Mid December is late to get around to that? Whoops. Here is the fuck I do not give. – and looks way less trashy, so that Frosty and Rudolf and the chainsaw bear can shine in all their glory.

It looks like we’re not even going to do a Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner, which, like the tree, is kind of sad but kind of alright, too. Thanksgiving was nice and all but MY GAWD it was a lot of work. I am off on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and not having to really do anything except make some brunch stuff and trundle it over to the Queen of Bohemia’s on Christmas morning is a giant relief. Also, cheaper.

In other news there is no other news except I need to get on the Christmas present bandwagon thingy, like, yesterday. And I am watching all the Studio Ghibli films with the Queen of Bohemia and that is great. We watched My Neighbor Totoro last week and tonight I think perhaps it will be Howl’s Moving Castle. And while I’m talking about animated movies let me put in a shoutout for Kirikou and the Sorceress, which I had never heard of before but which is AWESOME and I recommend highly. You can watch the whole thing here, and if I were you I would. However I feel I must say that if you are boobphobic you a) have my sincere condolences and b) it may not be the movie for you because there are lots and lots and lots of boobs.

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