Quick Notes

September is done on the July – December gallery page! Whoo! I am only two and a half months behind now! Things are moving right along. September seems to have been a very social month for me: there are lots of pictures of people, not just clouds and dogs. One of the interesting things about this project has been noticing trends like that – when you’re going through your day to day slog you don’t really see the larger stuff that’s going on around you but returning to the pictures tells a whole new variety of story.

In other news, I was lying around looking at Instagram this morning and I came across somebody pitching a fit about #ferguson on one of Ron English‘s pictures. That person is a racist, although I am sure they would hotly deny that, and I got mad and had to put the phone down for a while. Then I thought, and almost wrote, but there is no point to arguing with idiots anywhere but particularly on the internet and even more particularly on somebody else’s instagram that is actually about art and not politics, the following.

Anybody who kills anybody else in the USA should be immediately arrested. They should be taken to jail and arraigned and have bail set and then they should stand trial for murder. I don’t care if they’re wearing a blue uniform or not: murder is murder and everyone must face the same consequences for it. The rule of law is either the rule of law for everyone or it is a big fat fucking joke. Because look, THIS IS NOT A WAR AND THE POLICE ARE NOT SOLDIERS. 

And once we get out of the mentality that it is a war, and once it sunk in that everybody faces the same consequences for murder – and let’s call it murder, absolute murder and nothing else – I bet you the cops would suddenly discover non lethal ways to do their job.

That is all I have to say about that.

And in a complete and total non sequitur, I don’t think I want to deal with a Christmas tree this year – there isn’t really a place for one in the current incarnation of the living room and argh, the money and the time and yeah, I don’t think I can be arsed. But I want the smell and the lights and, well, something, so I have decided that I need a Christmas branch. Anyone got a pine tree hanging around that could spare a branch or two?

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