Well! I finally recovered from bronchitis, or more or less recovered – it’s amazing how much snot the human body can produce, given half a chance – and went back to work and all that effort clearly exhausted me so much that I have been unable to update this blog. Actually, I have nothing new to report. It’s hot, I’m broke and aging ungracefully: SNAFU. I have rediscovered cantaloupe and watermelon, two things that make the heat almost worthwhile; the garden is rocking right along and the lawnmower broke again. My son is working three jobs, which is taking a toll on all of us – he requires chauffeur service from job to job because, well, because – and my daughter’s work has given her a pool pass which I am totally going to take advantage of just as soon as I unearth my ancient bathing suit and see just how stretchy it really is, since I don’t think I’ve put one on for, oh, about forty pounds. Of wisdom, remember. Work at the book mines is crazy busy and I’m generally exhausted when I get home. The Queen of Bohemia is enjoying the hot weather – when you’re 85 your internal temperature is apparently permanently set at freezing, go figure – and actually leaving her house. She’s even spending time sitting on the porch trying to watch the neighbors as best she can. I am thus considering doing a kickstarter for a theatre troupe that goes around to various old people’s houses and stages exciting brief domestic dramas directly outside their windows so they have something to get all worked up about.

I have temporarily stalled out on updating the photo a day gallery, mostly because I’m still working on the wedding photos from June 7, the day when Jodi and I went off and became Wedding Photographers. That was fun and fixing all the photos is fun too – but time consuming. So that is pretty much all I’ve been doing all day today – tweaking wedding pictures and staying hydrated. Since the wedding pictures aren’t really mine to share, I will leave you with two hydration suggestions.

wpid-img_20140629_133846_1.jpg1) Get watermelon. Cut it up. Eat lots of it. Eat some some straight, some with lemon, some with cantaloupe and lemon and salt and pepper and some with feta cheese and lemon juice and salt and pepper and olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
2) Get a large glass. Pour some watermelon juice into it, like 1/3 of a glass. Add a couple chunks of watermelon too.
3) Add seltzer. Not only delicious, but a beautiful color.

1) Grow some cucumbers.
2) Cut one up and put three or four slices into a pitcher. Add some lemon juice, like half a lemon’s worth or so.
3) Fill pitcher with filtered water. Chill. Ahhhhhhhh.

I think it’s stuff like that that seems to be getting me some kind of weird bot reputation as a recipe blog. This is the only reason I can think why I’m getting invitations to foodie events that I wish I could attend but alas cannot. It’s not that I don’t want to, understand, it’s that a) I’m incredibly poor and b) I work every Saturday and c) I’m vegetarian, so I doubt somehow that I am really the right target market for your entire side o’ beef grilling afternoon. Thanks for the invite though!

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