And More Updates

OK the gallery now has all of January, February and March. Huzzah! This has been a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS and one which is brought to you by The Cold Of The Century. Yeah, I’m still sick. Sicker, actually, and at 2 am I was pretty much convinced that I probably needed to go to the hospital, but I didn’t. This morning I think I feel a teeny bit better, although not so as you would notice. I can’t talk at all now but my throat, while still painful, doesn’t feel at the moment like it’s actually on fire (a vast improvement) and I’m only having uncontrollable coughing fits about once every thirty minutes, as opposed to once every ten like yesterday. This has been gruesome and horrible and I don’t get why, now that I have quit smoking and embraced vegetarianism and positive – well, relatively positive – thinking and so on, I am having all these stupid health issues. But at least I’m getting this gallery page up to date because while I can’t stand up for long – too dizzy – and I can’t talk – see throat & coughing, above – I can sit at the computer for an hour or so at a time and do this. Yay, me. Meanwhile, this is using up ALL my paid time off, which means I will not be able to take any vacation at all this year and I feel horrible about my miserably overworked coworkers and I can’t figure out from my health insurance website whether it would be covered if I go to the Sisters of Mercy for a throat culture or not. None of this, you know, except possibly the coworkers, would be an issue if I lived in a civilized country. But positive thinking and at least I am finally, six months in, getting some sort of organized grasp on the photo a day project. And reading a whole lot of bad novels, so there’s that.

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