Look Upon My Works Ye Mighty

OK check it out, I have a gallery page that will, eventually, contain a heart stopping 365 photos from the 2014 Photo A Day Project. Whooo! You can see it at the top there, between Home and About. It does not, yet, look exactly as I would like it to look – I am hoping to get to a point where there are 12 galleries, one per month, which would be easier on everyone than one giant mega gallery of the year, but since getting this far took basically several DAYS of work, don’t hold your breath. And now I have to move on to February and. . and. . oh god. It’s the middle of June. Yes, well, I am working on it and perhaps it will go faster now. EDIT: February, or most of it – I am trying to figure out where exactly I put several days in February, a common problem – is up now. Also, while it looks ugly at first glance, click on any one photo in that gallery and LO there is a nifty slideshow which actually is pretty damn nifty in the finest sense of that underrated adjective. More months coming soon but now I have to step away from this computer before I implode.

In other news I still have a vicious cold but I went to work yesterday anyway. To my coworkers, I am sorry and I hope I didn’t infect you, but we all understand why I was there. To my customers, I am also sorry, except for that one guy. I will be back at work tomorrow, still hacking up a lung or two. What a cheerful thought! As always I am pretty much convinced I am dying although it does kind of help that Audrey has had the exact same cold. I think the odds are kind of astronomically against her developing a summer cold and me getting advanced terminal lung cancer on the same day with the same symptoms. Although it could happen! And that old lottery ticket in my wallet could be a winner! Maybe I should check it. . .

Or not. I generally have a lottery ticket in my wallet. I rarely check them because when I do I have to go get another one. I like to think of them as Schrodinger’s Lottery Ticket – as long as they are just sitting there, they might be a winner and I might be rich! I could totally quit my job in a fit of justified and beautiful outrage and disappear into the sunset in a yacht. Which will, OK, be moving rather slowly since yachts don’t sail very well across asphalt parking lots. Still! It will cause great consternation at the J&S! You see how having a lottery ticket in your pocket is comforting. Once I examine it, the magic is over and it reverts to being a ticket where I matched not one single number yet again: Schrodinger’s ticket is irretrievably dead, at least in this universe.

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