Existential Despair

I woke up at 1:38 on Tuesday morning because the power had either gone out or just come back on. It was one of those disorienting wakeup moments that you’re not sure when you are. You know where – after almost six years in one house, you had better – but not when, like, is it winter? Is it morning? Anyway as I went back to sleep I came up with the best tweet in the history of ever. It was both deep and hilarious and I have no fucking clue what it was except the punchline was “existential despair” so you know it was some rib slappin’ laugh inducin’ shit right there.

In other news I woke up this morning with a horrible summer cold and I blame society. My throat is sore, my nose is about to be hopelessly stuffed up and I am filled with loathing. No, more than usual.

I have been trying to create a gallery page for this blog which will both showcase & organize the photo a day project but I am not having much luck so far. I also want to build a website for Jodi and my new business, White Rose Wedding Photography – we had our first paying gig on Saturday and it went really well – but argh, it all takes time and not having things like bad shoulders, crazy plumbing nightmares, summer colds and full time jobs. So I’m all behind on everything. Meanwhile however I will say that the garden is looking damn good, so at least there’s that. And now I’m going back to sleep.

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