Photo of the Day Roundup March 26 – April 2

And I’ve let another two weeks go by without a photo of the day posted here. Hmmm. Something in this equation doesn’t seem to be working and I think I need to figure that out. Meanwhile, though, since it’s Wednesday, it’s gray and gloomy and I have about a million other things I should be doing besides this, let’s just have a big old giant photo fest. Well. On second thought, let’s do it in two posts, rather than one overloaded one. Have seven pictures, everyone!

We return now to days of yore, more specifically, Thursday, March 27 on which day we, or, rather, me, since you had nothing to do with it, took this picture of very nice street art over by the ghetto gas station where my son is currently employed as the Enforcer. No, seriously.

And on Friday, March 28, which was the day I replaced my windshield wiper which had like dissolved and broken in half the day before and in the process cracked my windshield, I took this from behind the CVS on Fairview Road.

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#landscape off fairview rd #asheville #eavl

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On Saturday, March 29, I hung out with Susan and Jodi and snapped this pick of Susan’s dog Mojo who is, by the way, going to be spending the next week here with us, which always leaves Perdita a bit miffed.

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Mojo loves his bone. #dog #dogtoy

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Sunday, March 30 and I took a picture of the first tulip and let me tell you, I have rarely been so glad of anything in my life as I am that I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs in random places around my yard last November. They have made this late, late, gray spring much better all around.

Monday, March 31 ushers in three pictures taken with the Paper Camera app that I completely adore, although I must say it is just a little evocative of our quickly moving century that I should buy a book on how to get Photoshop to turn photos into art and struggle with many layers, much mask, wow, such work only to find, a couple weeks later that hey presto, there’s an app for that.

Tuesday, April 1, my friend Meg at the DeSoto

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Meg at the #desotolounge

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And Wednesday, April 2, my friend Jodi on her back porch

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