Photo of the Day Roundup March 20 – 26

So let’s keep this going – another week’s worth of photos. Yes that is a lot of photos! Photo out! Photo on! Etcetera!

March 19 – Okra sound asleep on my bed as usual. It is nice to have one being in the household who wholeheartedly supports you in your quest to stay in bed. Okra is 100% behind the nap platform and feels strongly that a sleeping human is a good human.

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Its my day off #kitty #cat #circle

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March 20 – the window of the computer room / studio / guest room / that room where we keep a whole lot of random stuff. It used to be my bedroom window but about a year ago I moved across the hall and I must say it was a very good move. The computer room is right at road level and right near the road – hence the window design which I made out of this rice paper window blocking stuff they sell at home depot – while the other, smaller room which is now my bedroom is way up in the air. Asheville – my house is built into the side of a hill, so one side of it is tall and one is low. Anyway! I like this picture quite a lot.

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#Window and fake #brick at my house.

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March 21 – the bowl of apples two posts down. Very traditional, very conservative, very not me, but you know my Mom would have been totally impressed and that makes me feel good. Plus I really enjoyed doing it.

March 22 – Jen & Kyle had a very lovely dinner party and in the course of it – it was not, for a change, snowing – their son Lincoln showed us how he can jump off the deck, or, rather, the stairs to the deck. He is 3 and as you can see it was a very good jump. Also, more daffodils, because we got a theme going here. All daffodils all the time!


March 23 – a simple picture taken of the scenic view directly across Leicester Highway from the GO Grocery Outlet and then artified in the phone to a damn fare thee well so that it turned out nicely. I seem to be figuring out the recipe for Instagram success at last in that I got more than 10 likes, a lot for me.

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Leicester highway #landscape #asheville

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March 24 – another Instagram winner, this time of the power substation or whatever the hell that vaguely science fiction evil fortress looking thing down the street from my house is.

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#Powerstation near the river #asheville

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March 25, which was yesterday, I took a lot of pictures of snow. This may yet change, but for now I’m going with Annie peeping out her door at the crazy falling blizzardy snow.

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Annies #house in the #snow today

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And today I also took a bunch of pictures of snow and so I may change this one as well (I had a little extra time to kill this morning and spent it wandering around Christopher’s Garden, which photos I haven’t even really looked at) but in order to wrap this up so I can feed the dogs, let’s call the one I took at about 7:30 this morning out my bedroom window the photo of the day.

Whooooo! Thank you for your patience and I will try to get some actual written content up on this thing soon as well.


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