Photo of the Day Roundup March 12 – 19

OH GOD I just realized I have totally let the photo of the day thing slide since March 11. That’s two entire weeks, 14 days, argh. Sorry about that. I have been taking one – I haven’t missed a day yet, go me – and most, but not all, of them have gone up on Instagram, but I have not, obviously, been getting them up here. I could go on about why that is: I’m tired, y’all, I am so damn tired all the time – and also I am lazy as hell and also I am building a completely amazing house in Minecraft – or we could just get right to it, so let’s get right to it.

March 12 – I think the one that is up is the unedited version, here is the final from Instagram

March 13 – there was snow that morning as well! Ah, spring. Spring? Spring?

March 14 – needs work, the fairy in the front garden

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Sunny still life in the front yard. #flamingo

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March 15 – me and Susan and Jodi at the Desoto, in which we learn that Susan is in fact moving to Mexico, by, like, the end of April.

March 16 – one of many daffodil pictures I have taken this year because, well, daffodils!

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Wet #daffodil

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March 17 – and more daffodils for St. Patrick. Kind of nice daffodils – this is far and away the best of this years daffodil roundup.

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More #daffodils

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and to close that week, March 18. I could use the chicken, but I am not going to, because it’s awful. Instead I am going to use this abstract, which I took on the 18th outside the tax office and artified tonight. It is slightly less awful.



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