OK I Figured It Out

OK I Figured It Out

I think I figured out the problem – it has to do with the photo post template; the one I’m using right now. When I use this template and then go to preview and then to edit, it does not always save changes or publish. The only way this template seems to work is if I publish right away, without editing.

That’s a big old pain in the ass.

I am annoyed. I am also annoyed with myself for losing my temper like that last night. I mean, yeah, it was annoying as hell to open this blog and see only the posts from a few days before, not the one I had spent over an hour composing and setting up the night before, but it’s not really something that’s worth screaming and (I confess) banging the keyboard about.

I seem to be a lot angrier lately. I was blaming it on hormones but one of my coworkers said no, it’s working retail. There’s a kind of interesting thread going on metafilter * about retail right now and one of the common points being made by those of us who have worked or are working in retail is the way it so deeply enhances your innate loathing for all humanity. Humans are loathsome en masse and probably particularly when shopping – evolutionary psychologists would say it is because they have gone back into prehistory where looking for that vital root or grub was all that stood between them and eternal genetic extinction, so, equating that particular Love Inspires Christian inspirational heartwarming romance #412, A New Heart for Daddy’s Triplets, February 2009,** with a shield against the reaper, they take shopping way too seriously. And become loathsome. It can indeed be mindboggling and so maybe that is why I hate humanity. Or maybe it’s hormones. Or maybe I am finally turning into my dad and becoming in middle age that terrible thing: an angry drunk woman. But I apologize for the shouting.

Now we will see if this damn thing, which was written entirely on the little teeny preview quick post screen, actually shows up.

* I added that link in after publishing. Let’s see if this updates. I am going to ritualistically hit the update button three times to make sure.

** this title is fictional – I think! – but it is accurate in the broader scale. O terrifying tentacled gods, yes, yes it is.

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