Saturday Selfie

Saturday Selfie

here’s Saturday’s picture, a spinny selfie because all the pictures I took of the cat in the kitchen were orange – note to all you budding food bloggers out there, do not, repeat, do not, paint your kitchen a crazy bright and happy yellow / orange combination – and all I did otherwise on Saturday was work and bitch and sleep. And play Minecraft, because I’m back in the throes of it. My friend Lee has sent me some game suggestions and I am going to try them, just as soon as my current Minecraft binge wears off. Which it needs to do soon, because the dishes have piled up, the plants are unwatered and I’m wearing nothing but yoga pants.

Except yesterday, which was my day off. Yesterday I managed to balance Minecraft with some real life exploration: my friend Jay and I tried to go out to the Spivey Mountain overlook. We failed – you cannot go there anymore, which is fucked up.

I had heard rumors that it was all closed off and they were more or less right, as you can see from these friendly signs. I know that it is private property and oh yes, you can do whatever you want with your property (although in other countries, you know, they have laws allowing people to walk around in the woods or on the mountains, they cannot be closed off, but this is America, right.) I have heard rumors that there is going to be a gated community up there – Yay! Rich people taking over an entire mountain top! How novel and exciting! GODDAMNIT. – but I have also heard rumors that the company that was building it went belly up. Some of the signs were old, some were new. The picture doesn’t show most of them but there were threats of video surveillance and 24 hour towing and a big sign about construction permits and some relatively recent truck tire tracks.

I must note that driving up to Spivey is a nice lesson in 21st century economics and class structures and I hope, if they do build the gated “community”, that the people who live up there enjoy learning how to build lean to hovels out of cast off construction debris from their neighbors. Or that it occurs to them that income inequality is real and bullshit and evil and wrong and hey, did you ever think you’d have to drive through a rural favela to get to your vacation home in the UNITED STATES? Or were you planning this all along? I don’t know, class structure, poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor is much on my mind these days and try as I might, I can’t ever be quite entirely ha ha funny anymore. However! It was still a nice Sunday!

We gave up on Spivey, because even if those signs are just bluffing, I can barely afford to buy groceries let alone a tow fee, and went to the Botanical Gardens instead. It was nice and we took pictures of water and rocks and then went to the packed and cheerful Bywater to drink not water on the rocks. Yes! That’s right! I spent $15 at the bar instead of at the grocery store and that means I am in fact one of the undeserving poor. I’m okay with that because it means i get to sit out in the sunshine and drink a Dirty French Broad (sweet tea vodka, lemonade, fresh mint, orange slices YUM) and we’ll figure something out with the stupid groceries.

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1 Response to Saturday Selfie

  1. Jessica says:

    Sometimes you just gotta treat yo self! I’ve been lurking around your blog here for a while – I’m an old fan from hangover journals. Anyhoo, last week at GO grocery they had these crazy neon green bags and I thought of your post on their random bag selection. Theses were so pretty, there has got to be some kind of art to be done with neon green plastic bags!

    Glad you’re back

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