Catching UP

OK! I have been slack lately and the picture of the day has sadly fallen by the wayside. I have taken them, though, and even posted them, mostly, but I haven’t gotten them on here, nor have I had anything new to say. I still have nothing much new to say, although the Queen of Bohemia, my auntie, told me that today while she was at the thrift store with two of her caregiver / friends, they found a lot of money inside a book. “A lot!” she said excitedly, “Like two hundred million!”

“Huh,” I said, “What was the book?”

I also went on at some length about how brutally unfair it is that I, who make my meager living by looking at old books all day, every day, have yet to find more than $2 and that was a one time thing, too. I also think maybe that was actually an honesty test by the customer, because he had that look, like he might be the kind of totally annoying holier than thou asshole who goes around testing store clerks for honesty. They exist, I am sorry to report, they exist. However! On the strength of the two hundred million (note: the Queen of Bohemia is not bothered by paltry unimportant things like exact numbers. It was probably not that much. Heh.) found in a book at the South Asheville Goodwill, I bought another lottery ticket. So we shall see.

ANYWAY. The photos! I have been working a lot, is my only excuse.

This is the daily photo for Saturday, February 15, a close up of the fantastic post apocalyptic snowglobe my friend Susan gave me for Christmas and which I love.

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The apocalyptic city #snowglobe up close.

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And this is Sunday, February 16, a lovely shot of my lovely friend Helen and a whole bunch of other friends on her birthday, which was celebrated in style at El Paraiso mexican restaurant on Haywood Road.

helens birthday best

On Monday I was also at work, but I did manage to take this picture of the strange sky.

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Crazy #sky & #clouds right now #wavl #nofilter

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On Tuesday before work I took a picture of Perdita, backlit by the morning sunshine:

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Perdita, backlit. #dog

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Yesterday, I was somewhat hungover and I had a sore throat and I was cranky and miserable and generally unpleasant to be around. I was so unpleasant that I tried to take pictures of stinkbugs and failed, so I then took one of Django, even though my GAWD it is ridiculous how all my life is nothing but dogs and books and clouds. O wait. Perhaps I have got the life I wanted at age 9 after all.

And today’s photo, when I have finished figuring out what it is, will have its own post. Whoo! Lot of catch up; I must not let this happen again. *

* It will.

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