Testing the Instagram Embed

The fine folks WordPress support say that this method will work to embed an instagram image, so let’s give it a try!

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Me and jodi snow #selfie #avlsnomg #bestfriends

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There, did that work? It’s the selfie that my friend Jodi and I took yesterday on our hike from my house to her house. I actually went for two walks yesterday – yes, 2, I also am amazed – and naturally took a lot of snow pictures (which are here if you want to look at snow pictures) and in general had a great time. I like snow days. I did not get the kitchen floor mopped or the laundry done, but I made a sort of cuban asian fusion black beans and rice, drank a lot of wine, spent too much time online, took all three dogs for a walk in the snow early in the morning, walked from my house to Jodi’s house and then to my auntie’s house and then, I finished my infinity scarf knitted creation, causing my daughter to exclaim: “Wow, Mom, your knitting has really gotten better! There are no gaping holes or anything!” Now if only the same could be said of my life.

YAY!! It worked!! Thank you wordpress and most particularly wordpress member azscvgs who found the (literal) missing link for me!

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