More Sunsets and Trees

More Sunsets and Trees

I was trying like crazy to catch some of the sunset on my way home from work but I didn’t, quite. Still! Here are some more trees and the very edge of the end of the sunset. The rejected tree is lurking sadly at the bottom of this post.

I was starving by the time I got home – that is the trouble with this eating healthy, trying (not very hard, alas, my willpower left a while back) to diet shit: after you’ve had a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch and been on your feet all day working your ass off, by the time you get home you are pretty much ready to eat the furniture. Instead, I made a harmony bowl, or my homemade version inspired by the Laughing Seed version of yore. This is badass vegan food, y’all, old school hippie chow, and it is so good. And cheap. And good for you, more or less, but it doesn’t taste that way. There are five components to your basic harmony bowl:

  • Brown rice – cook it. However you usually do. This is the longest step, so start cooking it first. While it cooks assemble your other ingredients.
  • Pinto beans – I am lazy and use canned. Nothing needs be done except heat them up!
  • Veggies. Saute these. You don’t need a lot – today I used onions and zucchini. Just saute them in some olive oil until they are nice and done, towards the end you can sort of deglaze them with tamari. I guess more or less any veg will work. Go mad! Broccoli! Peppers! Whatever!
  • Greens. Any kind. I used turnip today; in the past I’ve used collards, kale, spinach, whatever. I cook greens by sauteing a little chopped garlic in some olive oil than adding the greens bit by bit and stirring madly as they wilt, then adding tamari and broth of some kind – generic veggie, whatever’s cheapest, or just water but broth or stock is good and letting it all simmer until the rice is done, so half an hour or so.
  • and the most important food changing ingredient: Peanut Sauce. Get a mason jar with a good lid and put in
    • about 1/2 cup of peanut butter (natural, duh, you do not want your high fructose corn syrup in here,)
    • chopped garlic – maybe 2, 3 cloves –
    • lime juice, like 1 or maybe 2 limes if they’re not super juicy,
    • tamari – about half as much as you have peanut butter –
    • hot sauce – sriracha if you got it –
    • and a little oil, preferably peanut but I used olive tonight and it was fine. Mix it up:  shake that jar like crazy until it all comes together and

You are ready to layer your bowl: rice then beans then veggies then greens than peanut sauce.  And enjoy! It will not be Martha Stewart beautiful but it will be really, really good.


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