Yesterdays Photo

Yesterdays Photo

Here’s yesterday’s photo, which is of several of my good friends hanging out around a bonfire at our friend Charles’ fabulous new digs. He has fled the hipster paradise of West Asheville for the greener pastures of East Asheville, where the houses are larger and more affordable and there is just way less PBR per capita consumption, or so one suspects. Although New West Asheville seems to be more about the microbrews than the PBR of yore, so I could be wrong there. Anyway it was a really nice little party and featured a great bonfire, pictured here and available in Smell O Vision on my coat.

In other news this is my first post after promoting this thing on the facebook, so, welcome to the three people who might be reading this! If you have questions you may find they are answered on the About page, available by clicking the About tab up there at the top. In other other news, there isn’t much, partly because I am out of sorts since Theo decided to bark intermittently from midnight to 2 am and then follow that up with a truly spectacular barf fest – in which he was joined by Okra the cat, who threw up on my bed, yes, on my bed – at 6 am. Even though it is almost 5 pm now I haven’t quite entirely recovered. But perhaps I will later.

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