And More Boring

And More Boring

The roads cleared off and I made it back to work – granted, almost 10 minutes late, but shit happens. I took a couple of dreadful photos on the way to work and nothing else all day and here is one of them, run through a bunch of multiple artsy type filters in a not really successful attempt to make it more interesting. Still. Making paintings or pseudo paintings or whatever, digital paintings, although that sounds so awful, is something I am more and more interested in, and bit by bit I’m figuring out a few ways to do it.

I am for whatever reason – it had better not be illness; Miles has been sick, Audrey says she is sick now too but I have had my Winter Illness already, in December, so I can’t have another one until it is time for the Spring Illness – totally exhausted tonight so here, have 100 great paintings. This is a funky list as are all lists and I don’t agree with it of course but looking at the paintings is worthwhile even if only to see some of the juxtapositions. I never saw Ingres and Kandinsky right next to each other before and I like it. They, I think, would have hated it. Well, Ingres would anyway but then he hated a lot, excellently.

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