Snow Days

Snow Days

Well, I ended up having two snow days in a row. Yesterday we had more snow than we have had in some time – years, really – and the roads got quite bad quite quickly. There is this thing that happens in the NC mountains, and I suppose in the rest of the South, where snow on the roads turns into a layer of ice really super fast. It happened yesterday: not long after I wrote the post below, I got into the car and tried to go to work. Um, no. I made it down the Riverview hill to Amboy Road only to discover that it was just about as slick as Riverview, so I called in, gave up and went home the long way. The long way – about a mile, I guess, maybe a mile and a half, which ordinarily would take about 10 minutes on a really terrible day, took almost 25 yesterday- was sufficiently terrifying that I haven’t left the house since.

But I did take a TON of pictures of the dogs in the snow! And here they are. I think the one that makes it as the picture of the day yesterday, though, is this instagrammed one of all three of them together, partly because it’s hard to get pictures of all three of them and partly because I just like the pattern it makes against the snow.

Today was my day off anyway, but I’m calling it a snow day because, hey, snow. So what did I do with my unexpected snow days? Not much! I vacuumed today. Yesterday – and today, let’s be honest – I drank coffee with hot chocolate mix and Jamesons, which if you have never tried, I recommend you go out and try immediately. I spent way too much time on Facebook, thereby discovering that my close friend Jay’s father is my first cousin’s wife’s first cousin, which was strange, and I read about half a truly awesome Diana Wynne Jones book. I made onion spaghetti a la Marcella Hazan and I slept late. It was fabulous.

MY GOD. There is boring and then there is BORING and I am afraid I have become BORING. I did, in the middle of all that wholesome boring shit, also read – not watch, life is fucking short and I have candy crush to play – the State of the Union address, which frankly was also pretty boring and ridiculously nonconfrontational, which irked me. Look, Barack – can I call you Barack? I did have one of those dreams about you, in which, when the fun part was over, we sat on the edge of the bed and worried about Michelle together because it was clear, even in the dreamworld, that we liked Michelle better than we liked each other – you can’t get elected again, and these assholes have stopped you from really doing anything worthwhile at all for the last eight years, so doesn’t it occur to you that it is time – has BEEN time – to call them out on it? You have nothing to fucking lose and much to gain. I would think, anyway, but then I am not president nor likely to become so.

Although I do think, sometimes, about running for Asheville city council and I might actually do that some day. It would be entertaining for everyone involved, right? Because, jesus, what else am I going to do with the rest of my life besides bore myself and everyone else right into the grave? As a city council person, I could at least make some new lifelong enemies. Hmmm. It is worth, maybe, thinking about.

Oh I almost forgot. I did manage to photograph the sunrise AND the sunset and here they duly are in all their snowy glory.

sunrise january 29 sunset january 29

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