Monday’s photo. This is the scarf/cowl/infinity scarf I am working on. It started out to be an actual pattern, namely, this one from Ravelry, but it turns out that I am not adept enough even for easy patterns. So I just made up my own, which is what I always do, and so far it’s working out. It’s based on the fact that when I’m knitting in the round, which is how I make hats, I often do something strange to the fabric of space and time and the hat ends up getting what I call moebiused, to wit, it has no beginning nor no end neither. Then I have to do some slightly complex knitting maneuvers and make it into a hat again, which is why most of my hats have a funky brim. So what happens, I wondered, if I just let the moebiusing go on and on? And moebiusing onwards it is. If it wipes out the universe, sorry about that.

In other news it’s snowing again; my road does not look so good and I am not looking forward to driving to work in three hours, nor to driving home at 9:30. But we have to be open because you know that when schools are closed just about every parent puts their kids in the car and drives them all over the ice and snow to go shopping like Talking “Math is hard. Let’s go shopping!” Barbie on a bender.

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