Cheap Crap from Chinese Stores

I have so far failed at embedding an instagram image of the day, but I do now have an Instagram widget! Hurrah! Anyway Saturday’s photos is here if you don’t see it to the side there in the widget and Sunday’s is here. Today’s photo is not yet taken but if it’s as fascinating and chockablock with photographic genius as those two, well, look out world.

In other news, there is no other news. I went to K Mart on Saturday and spent money I don’t have on things I don’t really need, to wit, a photo album to put all the (incredibly fucking badly printed, I am never going back to Snapfish and I recommend you do not either) photos from 2012 and 2013 in, a pair of slippers – I have been wanting some so bad on these cold days – and a pair of $20 boots that I really, really like. Although, I do not know when I’m going to wear them: they are too cheaply made to really wear to work without destroying my feet and I never go anywhere but work and home. Maybe someday I will go somewhere else and when I do, dude, I am going to wear the shit out of those boots. Actually, I am on a useless made in China crap roll: yesterday I went to Mall Wart and bought a $10 watch because my beloved old Timex bit the dust on Saturday. The band and the battery went simultaneously and while I’m going to get it fixed, I swear, it’s going to take a bit and meanwhile, my wrist was naked. I am one of the last of the Watch Dependent Peoples. We used to rule this planet but we have been replaced, by and large, by phones. I refuse to give in, myself. I’m too lazy: I don’t want to dig my phone out of my pocket, I want to turn my wrist. Actually, I want to glance up and have the time on the upper corner of my retina like an early William Gibson character, but failing that, a Chinese watch will do me okay.

However. Let us now take just a moment and look at Felicity’s poor economic decisions on a more macro level! She’s very poor, as she has said, and her car and her teeth and her boiler and her oven (and those are the real things; we are not even going into the metaphoric car, teeth, boiler and oven here, although we could) all need fixing to a total tune of about $1500, a sum that is beyond, at this point, her gaining and maybe even her comprehension, because as every staunch watcher of Fox knows, if you work a retail job, you automagically lose all your fancy liberal smartz and must be just as dumb as paste. Otherwise, surely, she would be squirreling away that money spent on the boots, $20, and the slippers, $7, and the watch, $10, and the photo album, $13. But here is the rub: that $50 would not make much of a dent in $1500 – and it would probably end up being spent on something else useless, like wine, but let us not impugn the sacred, here – but it made a big dent in her immediate quality of life, in that she is now wearing warm slippers and knows what time it is and has cute boots to wear should she ever leave the house again. That’s the problem and the addiction with cheapass Chinese crap for the poor: it costs money you have right now, so you can actually buy it and it makes you feel, at least momentarily, better. Yes, I should have squirreled that money away but damnit, you know, sackcloth and ashes get old.

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