Some Poor Sod

Some Poor Sod

Today is my day off. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get January’s photos organized and now they are all shopped and proper and up on ipernity. You can see them here, be impressed. Or not.

However! Today I managed to get my poor ass and my even poorer car’s ass – Batly needs a new clutch and she needs one soon, because we are at the point where it takes literally all my strength to force her into 1st gear – to the poor people’s grocery store, namely, the Grocery Outlet. I am fond of the GO Grocery because it’s just so fucking ridiculously unpredictable, plus, the bags come from all over the world. No, seriously, they do. One time I got bags from some market in NYC and today one register lane had bags from Alabama and the other one from St. Louis. i imagine that they just buy up all the bags from defunct grocery stores in the world, or possibly bags with typos, or maybe they fly the bags in from Venus. Who is to say?! It is a mystery. Wrapped in the enigma of cut rate, almost or already expired foods, chatty cashiers, strange novelties and deeply broke customers that is the Leicester Highway Grocery Outlet.

On the corner of Leicester and Patton there is a check cashing place and today this guy, who is advertising Liberty Tax prep – we will see these guys all over Asheville for the next couple of months – was dancing out in the bitter cold on that corner. I always feel sorry for people in costumes on the side of the road, although nobody has ever reached the heights of pathos of the Verlo Mattress Man of yore, who used to stand out on Swannanoa River Road in a stained, torn mattress outfit, looking just so pathetic and awful, like the ghost of cheap motels past. However, this Liberty guy appeared to be pretty cheerful about it all and was dancing happily. The photo does not do him justice but it turns out that if you take a picture through a sufficiently dirty windshield, it is indistinguishable from a watercolor filter.

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