Terrible Picture of Clouds

Terrible Picture of Clouds

Yup, this is in fact a terrible picture of clouds. It might not have been so bad if I had gotten out of the goddamn car, thus eliminating the dirty windshield smut everywhere. Windshield smut is more defensible when I’m indulging my favorite truly terrible habit of shooting photos while driving the car, but I was sitting in the parking lot outside work, so, uh, no defense. Actually, it’s occurring to me that really, this blog is turning into the catch all for bad photos – the good ones are up somewhere else and get linked; the ones that are kinda, um, just go here. So enjoy the sucky photos! Argh!

Yeah, sorry about that. This blog is way more of a work in progress than it ought to be three weeks in, I know. But these things happen and anyway, once it’s really up and running I’m going to be shamelessly begging for money, so really the rough draft is probably better on some levels.

Oh and this mornings thing was a note from my dream which I think might make a kickass YA horror novel. It’s still creeping me out.

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