No Photo Today – But Apps

Dropbox is down, and since dropbox is where all my photos are stored before I put them other places – the dropbox app for android is, by the way, superb and I love it –  today’s photo will appear tomorrow. Or yesterday, depending on the chrono-temporal field malfunctions. But probably tomorrow.

Last night Jay & Jodi & Susan came over and we ate chili and played, first Scrabble (I won but not by all that much) and then smartphone charades, which is a totally fun game whereby you hold your phone up on your forehead so you can’t see the screen and then guess what it’s saying by interpreting your friends’ antics. We are all very antic people, so it was completely hilarious, although the categories they give you are limited – literature, I’m looking at you, as a category you do not include Rick Riordan’s YA series OR Water for Elephants, no. Plus three LOTR references are more than enough. Anyway it was a very fun evening and there should be some pictures on Facebook soonish.

Actually, while I’m talking apps, let me recommend two more, first off Pro Capture, which costs money but is worth it. Granted I lucked into a sale and got it for $2 but even I, possibly the poorest person you know, would pay full price for it. When combined with Snapseed, you’ve almost got a DSLR and Photoshop in your pocket and suddenly I find that the thought of being without my phone is, well, unthinkable. I wasn’t a smartphone convert until now but these two apps have poured the koolaid, the sweet sweet koolaid, down my throat and I’m perfectly happy about it.


Several days later, here are today’s photos! Or, well, actually it’s one picture with a before, a photoshop fix and then what I like to call an artification. I’ve been doing a lot more photo tweaking stuff lately and since this was kind of dull picture to begin with – it’s me making the dogfood, ho hum, I messed with it just a little. Not sure which one – of the two afters, that is, and the general improvement shopping stuff is just what I pretty much always do – so here’s a record of the changes. Anyway, photo a day!


Version 1, raw out of the  camera. Well, phone.

Version 1, raw out of the camera. Well, phone.

Version 2, the original photoshopping to make it better

Version 2, the original photoshopping to make it better

Version 3, post artification.

Version 3, post artification.



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2 Responses to No Photo Today – But Apps

  1. myrgatroyd says:

    Dear Fliss, I have no idea how I found this site, but I am glad you have survived with your sense of humour intact. S&E seems a lifetime ago, as indeed it probably was. The old site is staggering along, though in a thoroughly dysfunctional fashion, probably reflecting the residual contributors. Be well, take care, and best wishes. myrg

  2. Damn, myrgatroyd, good to hear from you! A few of the old crew are on facebook; there was some talk back and forth in December, it was kind of wild hearing from them. I visit the old site maybe once a year – yes, it’s pretty messed up. But then the entire damn thing was kind of defacto messed up, so not surprising really. Best wishes to you too!

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