Painting in Frost and Windshield

Painting in Frost and Windshield

Well, we seem to have survived the Polar Vortex. POLAR VORTEX! Sorry, I can’t see that without wanting to shout it, because it’s just so over the top awesome. At any rate, it’s gone, it was a comparatively balmy 20some degrees this morning and I took a picture of my frosted windshield as I was trying to force myself to hurry more to work. Which I quite like, the picture that is, not the early morning getting to work process.

This is going to be another day when I don’t have much to say. The problem might be that I have too much – I have a lot on my mind, part of which is kind of thinking about a mission statement for this blog / photo project and about focus and where mine is right now and then there’s the anxious part of the brain and the part that’s thinking about work and the part that’s attempting to keep track of just what the hell is going on in Primeval and Downton Abbey (both of which could be vastly improved by merging, come to think of it) and then of course, way too much of my brain, the part we like to call the EMO BRAIN, is also enmeshed in gloom and the neverending soap opera that is my life. That never does seem to go away. On which I blame my gloom but in reality it’s probably a chicken and egg situation.

In other news, the heat is basically working. I am tempted, sorely tempted, not to get it fixed because it isn’t, exactly, broken. On the other hand it isn’t exactly working either, it’s just kind of limping along. You could say more or less the same of this entire household, actually – and I do! I say it all the time! Loudly! – so who is the furnace to get $110 worth of special care?

I could use some special care, myself. I showed Annie the pictures of her that I took yesterday and relayed all the comments people had left.
:”Oh,” she said sadly, peering at her picture, “I wish I was beautiful.”
“So do I wish I was beautiful,” I said, also sadly. “Maybe we should go to a spa or something.” And if there was a spa that would work, we would, too.

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