Yesterday’s Photo of Lions

Yesterday's Photo of Lions

I need to get these photo a day, blog a day rules straight. It used to be easier when I just put everything up on Flickr, but the world is more fragmented now (I imagine my 2007 self laughing disbelief when I tell her that yeah, in seven years the world will be even MORE fucked up and the internet will be WAY more fragmented) and so sometimes I put pictures up on ipernity and sometimes on 500px and sometimes on Instagram and then sometimes I put them here. It would be nice to amalgamate them all here but I am having trouble figuring out how to get Instagram to play nice. I adore Instagram though and will forgive them almost anything; I think it’s the way all those squares all look marching down the page. Anyway! This is yesterdays photo and yesterday’s blog. Today’s is yet to come.

I will say however that I have long loved these lions, who linger languidly on the side of Swannanoa River Road. Heh. That was fun.

Anyway. They’re copies of the Biltmore lions, obviously, and they’re HUGE and probably way many heavy tons. I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to own them and first I asked for them for my last birthday, but then I compromised and allowed my friends to take me to the beach instead, by which I mean HELL YEAH I HAVE THE MOST AWESOME FRIENDS IN THE WORLD AND I AM SO GRATEFUL. Well, I’m still having birthdays, people. In May. And I keep thinking that these lions would look just so. . . um. . perfect, yes, perfect is the word, in front of my unassuming mid 60s built by hippies little funky West Asheville ranch house.  Oh yes they would.


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