I was going to make some background art for Annie today and clean my house and pay my bills and generally be an all around good American citizen but thank the gods, my friends called and I went to the bar instead. It was a balmy 39 degrees – that’s like 4 in those heathen Celsius degrees that you people who haven’t found Jesus and believe in math use – so we sat outside and laughed until we about cried. And there were presents. I gave jars of marmalade, which is lame and I suck, but my friends are not lame and do not suck and Susan thus gave me a post apocalyptic snowglobe in which gray ashes waft down upon the ruined city within and Jodi gave me a coffee mug she had hand painted with images of Moomins and psychedelic flowers. I am beyond lucky in my friends and grateful? There are no words. These are the two ladies who keep me sane.

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