Marmalade Made

Okay, DAY TWO, same as day one only slightly different. On my day off I succeeded in taking down the Christmas decorations, making 7 jars of marmalade and the first blog post. Also, this one, so we have two.

I had never made marmalade before, although I am becoming all about the jams and preserves. I like things that take a while to make and last a long time but this marmalade, good gods. If I was being paid a living wage (ah ha! Ha ha ha ha!) and doing this for a living, each jar should cost around $35. It took hours and it never did get up to 225 degrees like it was supposed to. Nor did it gel entirely, but it’s a gorgeous color, tastes good if a trifle too sweet and LO I have seven jars of marmalade hanging out looking cool in my kitchen. The kitchen, however, does not look cool but instead as if a small, messy, sticky army has been camped out there for some weeks. Which, I grant you, given this household, it kind of has.

And as a new damn resolution I’m going to figure out how to get pictures from Instagram into these posts. But not today.

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