And Snowmes

And Snowmes

So it snowed last night, and the temperature has dropped to unholy lowness and when I got home from work – we fled work like scalded rats, actually, which was kind of interesting, because I usually expect people more managerial and Type A than me, which is to say, pretty much everyone, to be much more stoic about things like black ice and single digit temperatures – I finally got around to making cornbread and collards to go with the hoppin’ john I made yesterday while the marmalade was cooking. So yeah, we managed to have our New Years dinner on January 4. Doing well! High fives for efficiency!

I would have made the collards yesterday, but they had gone missing. It’s like Nancy Drew! I thought feverishly, Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Collards. I interrogated my roommates, also known as the adults who used to be my children.
“Did you make collards?” I asked casually.
“Oh yeah RIGHT,” they said. Actually, I asked them this separately – Nancy Drew is no fool! She doesn’t ask people the same question at the same time! – and yet they responded with much the same mix of sarcasm and incredulity. “I TOTALLY made collards in the middle of the night Mom because that is just the sort of thing I ALWAYS do. Yeah they were delicious.”
Using my secret Nancy Drew powers and the Clue of No Extra Dirty Dishes Plus There Is No Way They Would Make Collards, I decided they were prevaricating and took a flashlight out to the car only to find – wait for it – the collards! In the trunk! Not much the worse for wear because the car has been essentially a large mobile green refrigerator for several days lately and anyway, it is hard to hurt collards, even ones that weren’t all that great three days ago at the Sav-Mor.

And so we had Hoppin’ John and collards and cornbread at last – and marmalade, which turned out excellently if a bit too sweet – and there was much rejoicing, or at least some rejoicing, or at least I liked it and my son said the cornbread was perfect.

Also, it was all vegetarian because this fall, after many years of heedless omnivorism, I saw this Banksy video and became a vegetarian again. Yeah I cannot be moved by real farm animals but stuffed ones send me into tears and then cause a lifestyle change. Sometimes I worry that I have reached some kind of post modern singularity but probably it is just me being too emo again. Oh well! Dinner was good. And here is a picture of the sunrise.

sunrise through the kitchen window


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