Seven Years Later, We Begin Again

new years eve group on jen and kyles porch

OK! So I lied last time! This time, though, it’s for real, because for all intents and purposes, this is the first day of 2014. We are going to politely ignore yesterday because 1) like millions of my fellow Americans, I was hungover as fuck and 2) I had to drag my hungover ass to work anyway. Today, however, I am off, I’m going to make hoppin’ john and collards and cornbread and this is the day that the Photo A Day, Blog A Day project begins.

It has been seven long years since I did the Photo A Day project the first time around. My mother told me when I was small that all the cells in your body change every seven years: in effect, you are a different person entirely every seven years. My mother, please note, was not a biologist or a doctor and the gods only know where she acquired this factoid (or maybe fictionoid) but for whatever reason it stuck in her head and then it stuck in mine. So I figure seven years, and my life has changed enough that it’s time to start over again.

It’s past time, actually, because quite frankly the last seven years have not, by and large, been good ones. There have been good, even great, moments and many of them, wonderful friends, family, dogs and cats and fun but there has also been a whole lot of loss and sorrow, depression, anxiety, loneliness, terrible family drama, crushing guilt and angst and other very unfun things. I would like to see this year and in fact the next decade, be different. And I’m going to try to make it different. So to start, here’s yesterday’s photo and at some point later today there will be a new photo.

Yesterday’s photo features some of my best friends rather blurrily waving goodbye and hello at the end of a lovely celebration of New Years Eve. Look, it counts, it was after midnight as we knew because we watched midnight happen in New York along with Miley Cyrus in a full length fur coat. That kind of horror proves it was happening in this version of consensus reality because creatures that awful hardly ever happen in the other edges of the multiverse. So, we’ll call that picture number one and here we go, 2014, holy shit, it’s really the future now.

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